Development team

Tristan Vouga photo

Tristan Vouga

Mechatronics engineer

Tristan Vouga, PhD designed the mechanics of TWIICE during his PhD at the LSRO. He invented the manufacturing process that made TWIICE so flexible and lightweight.

Julien Pache photo

Julien Pache

Industrial design engineer

Julien Pache is a design engineer graduated from the HE-Arc Neuchâtel. Specialized in product design, he works on the adaptation of objects to their users. In the TWIICE project, he optimizes the ergonomics of the device and provides technical assistance in the production of the exoskeleton’s structure.

Romain Baud photo

Romain Baud

Mechanical engineer

Romain Baud, PhD is specialized in automatic control and mechatronics. In TWIICE, he designed the electronics and sensing, and programs the onboard computer and the remote supervision software.

Jemina Fasola photo

Jemina Fasola


Jemina Fasola, PhD pursued her doctoral thesis with both the REHAssist group and the laboratory of cognitive neuroscience (LNCO). Her research interests are robot-assisted gait rehabilitation, motor learning of lateral balance and neural control of movement. In the TWIICE project, she is in charge of the user-machine interface, the training program and the human factors.

Partnerships team

Massouma Ziai photo

Massouma Ziai

Partnerships manager

Massouma Ziai has more than 20 years of experience in business development and project management, fundraising, and communication.

These skills happily fuel her commitment, energy and work force in the service of organizations or individual projects that are close to her heart, from the birth of an idea to its implementation.

Her motto is: “Give me a tangled web and together we will weave a magic carpet”.

Julian Munzel photo

Julian Münzel

Corporate partnerships manager

Julian Münzel has a broad background in marketing, working for Red Bull, and building its Swiss Social Innovation initiatives. At TWIICE, he is responsible for developing partnership packages and negotiating with potential partners.


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