Development team

Tristan Vouga

Tristan Vouga

Mechatronics engineer

Tristan Vouga is a PhD student at the LSRO. He designed the mechanics of TWIICE during his first year of PhD. He invented the manufacturing process that made TWIICE so flexible and lightweight.

Romain Baud

Romain Baud

Mechanical engineer

Romain Baud is a PhD student at the LSRO. He is specialized in automatic control and mechatronics. In TWIICE, he designs the electronics and sensing, and programs the onboard computer and the remote supervision software.

Jemina Fasola

Jemina Fasola


Jemina Fasola is a PhD student at the LSRO. Her research interests are robot-assisted gait rehabilitation, motor learning of lateral balance and neural control of movement. In the TWIICE project, she is in charge of the user-machine interface, the training program and the walking trajectories.

Julien Pache

Julien Pache

Industrial design engineer

Julien Pache is a design engineer graduated from the HE-Arc Neuchâtel. Specialized in product design, he works on the adaptation of objects to their users. In the TWIICE project, he optimizes the ergonomics of the device and provides technical assistance in the production of the exoskeleton’s structure.


Marek Jancik

Materials engineer

Marek Jancik obtained a Master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from EPFL. He has been working in the development and manufacturing of high performance composites structures for sports, aeronautical and civil drones’ applications. In the TWIICE project, he optimizes the manufacturing processes and the material choices.


Mohamed Bouri

Dr. Mohamed Bouri

Research group leader

Mohamed Bouri obtained his PhD degree from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon and joined EPFL in 1997. He is a Roboticist and is now leading the group of “Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics” at the LSRO. He is also supervising the project TWIICE which is part of the same group.


Prof. Hannes Bleuler

Head of laboratory

Hannes Bleuler has studied electrical engineering at ETH Zurich and obtained his PhD there on mechatronics (1984), before going to Japan (industry and academia) for a total of 6 years. He has been involved in the creation of start-up companies in the biomedical domain. Since 1995 he is at the Robotic Systems Lab (LSRO) at EPFL in Lausanne and also in charge of exchanges of EPFL with Japan. The LSRO Lab is developing various aspects of robotics hardware for a wide range of applications (industry, astronomy, educational and, essentially, biomedical).


Julia Jeanloz

Julia Jeanloz

Scientific editor

Julia Jeanloz obtained a Master’s degree in Social Sciences from Unil in 2015 before undertaking a degree in communication. She has been working in the communication field for a year and a half and has a keen interest for mediation activities. She joined the TWIICE project at the end of August 2016 and is in charge of the scientific writing.