Tristan Vouga

CEO & Co-founder

While at Duke University, I had the chance to work on brain-machine interfaces and created my first exoskeleton. This became the world’s first cortically-controlled exoskeleton. During my PhD, I developed the technology behind TWIICE, making it so lightweight and agile. What matters most to me is that people are given equal access to life and to opportunities.

Jemina Fasola

Head of human factors and clinical trials

I pursued my doctoral thesis with the REHAssist group and the laboratory of cognitive neuroscience (LNCO). Robot-assisted gait rehabilitation, motor learning of lateral balance and neural control of movement are my three main research interests. At TWIICE, my role is to ensure the proper functioning of the user-machine interface, the training program and the human factors.

Max Jeanneret

Head of Robotics

Having worked for several years as an electrical and robotics engineer, I have acquired in-depth skills in design, medical devices (rehabilitation robotics, prostheses, human-robot interfaces, medical instruments) and data analysis. With a background in mechatronic system design, I lead the product development team in transforming the TWIICE prototype into a market-ready medical product.

Roland Loos


Roland Loos is Chairman of the Board and co-founder of TWIICE. He holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). After the successful merger of NewSat with ITC Global and exit to Panasonic Avionics Corporation, he brings to the company extensive experience as an entrepreneur. Moreover, he is an angel investor supporting companies such as Astrocast, Sterilux and SWISSto12. Beyond that, Roland Loos is a patient relative who understands the cause first hand.

Julian Münzel

Business development

Here at TWIICE, I am responsible for developing partnership offers and for negotiating with potential partners. One of my key roles is to bring to the table the experience I gained as a social innovation and culture specialist at Red Bull, and later working on Swiss social innovation initiatives.


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Located in the centre of Renens, TWIICE homes its main office and workshop space at the Station R - a hotbed of open innovation and design. Aware of the dynamics of a startup, our open spaces, cafeteria and proximity with other startups encourage a collaborative way of working.


As part of the Breakthrough Incubator program, we are able to access Europe's largest Campus for human growth and sustainable development located at Octagon by B living. The campus provides one of the best co-working spaces to work and meet an inspiring community of founders, startups and hustlers.


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