Get ready for the best user experience: TWIICE and Physio 7

Physio 7‘s network of physiotherapists joins TWIICE on a mission to give back access to life. We’re determined to bring out the best of our devices for each user. That’s why Physio 7 is joining our training sessions. Their experienced therapists will guide, prepare, and coach our exoskeleton users.

With the help of their observations and medical expertise, we’re looking forward to enhance our user experience. We will do that by improving existing features and developing new ones. Our goal has always been supporting people in their endeavors, and this partnership brings us ever closer to it.

About Physio 7

Physio 7 is a physiotherapist network with state-of-the-art medical fitness centers. With the latest equipment for muscle strengthening and stability, they are just the partner we needed. Their expertise in individual supervision, physical training, and manual therapy will be a great addition to our team. We share a common belief that every patient is unique and that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we’ve decided to work together to create the best user experience we can.