To support the development of its devices, TWIICE has partnered up with Physio 7.

Physio 7‘s expertise, thanks to the participation of its physiotherapists, is used for the coaching and training of TWIICE exoskeleton users and pilots. Physio 7 brings TWIICE medical support for product development and user training. This partnership will allow the TWIICE project to progress more smoothly and quickly.

About Physio 7

Each patient is unique and so is the way they are treated.

Our physiotherapists adapt their treatments to each patient. Whether it is through manual therapy or with the help of professional physiotherapy equipment, or even through supervision in our medical fitness room, our team adapts to each patient.

Every consultation allows the physiotherapist to observe and assess the patient’s health and progress. If necessary, our team will consult with the patient’s doctors to determine the best treatment.