PolyWalk team with TWIICE in front of Rolex Learning Center, EPFL

Cybathlon, an international scientific-oriented competition

Cybathlon is an international competition, the first edition of which took place on October 8th, 2016 in Zurich. The event is organized by the ETHZ and aims at promoting recent robotic developments of assistive devices specially designed for disabled people.

During this previously unseen event, teams, research laboratories or companies, competed in six disciplines honoring one of the following technologies or rehabilitation methods: powered leg prosthesis, powered arm prosthesis, electronic stimulation, powered wheelchairs, brain-computer interfaces and powered exoskeletons.

Team composition and results

Our team, PolyWalk EPFL, was composed of Tristan Vouga, Jemina Fasola, Romain Baud and Julien Pache. Our pilot was the handbike athlete Silke Pan equipped with TWIICE, an exoskeleton entirely developed at the LSRO from EPFL under the supervision of Dr. Mohamed Bouri.

This competition enabled us to be ranked 4th between teams SG Mechatronics (KR) and Varileg (CH). Many thanks to the public for the support!