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Where teams compete against disability

An international competition

Cybathlon is an international competition organized by ETH Zurich. The competition promotes recent developments in robotics which help participants with physical disabilities overcome the obstacles of everyday life.

Cybathlon is an event that features state-of-the-art technical support systems: motorized arm and leg prostheses, electrical simulation, motorized wheelchairs, brain-computer interfaces, and powered exoskeletons.

TWIICE at Cybathlon

Since our debut in 2016 when we won 4th place in the exoskeleton race in only two months of training, we’ve continuously worked towards improving our exoskeleton. The Cybathlon Experience, a new format for interaction with the public, came only a year after. We believed we could do better than 4th place – and we’ve been proving it to this day.

Together with athlete Silke Pan, we’ve won a medal four times in a row. In the global 2020 edition of the competition, we finished 2nd in the powered exoskeleton race. And while we’re proud of our accomplishments, we know that our work isn’t done yet. That’s why we continue to develop, test, and improve our exoskeletons. Impossible is not an option.

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Silke Pan

"The competition motivates us to give our best. By striving for excellence, we optimize the development of TWIICE towards autonomy and mobility."